January 2015

I know the sentence above is not the ideal introductory sentence to the first month of the new year, but I, read more

February 2015

At the beginning of the year, it is appropriate to re-think the goals and plans one has for oneself in the new year, read more

March 2015

Sorry to disappoint you, but it seems to be the disconcerting truth. Quite a sobering thought. Alone in the universe, read more

April 2015

In this period between Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday and the coming of Pentecost (17-24 May), read more..

June 2015

“Too long-winded” some-one says. “What is he trying to say?... So why does he not say that?” Many readers complain about the letters Paul wrote to the read more...

August 2015

The man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the LORD God among read more..

September 2015

Christianity is under siege in the very place where it was born. In 1947 there were 4 million Christians in Iraq – 12% of the Iraqi population at that time, read more

October 2015

Christianity is not a one-person show – it never was, and never will be. It is crucial for believers to remember that,
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Conference of English-speaking DRC congregations meet in Johannesburg
Representatives of English-speaking congregations of the Dutch Reformed Church met in Johannesburg from Monday 28 Feb - Wednesday 2 March. Apart from CPRC, congregations from Johannesburg, Harare, Amanzimtoti, Windhoek, Pretoria were represented.
The conference, which is called the Forum for Inter-Cultural Ministries (FIM), discussed reports from the different congregations, trends in the ministry and participation of members and related matters.

The conference was greatly encouraged by the report from Harare congregation, called Cornerstone-Glen Forest Church. Four years ago the Cornerstone congregation was on the brink of closing down, but through circumstances was forced to worship with another independent struggling congregation, Glen Forest Church.
This emergency temporary arrangement became a permanent arrangement - and now these two congregations worship together. In fact, while on a technical level they are still two congregations, but organically they have merged and function as one body, pastored by Gerard Breytenbach and Henning Jordaan.

The joint congregation has now grown to about 200 people - far greater than the original combination of two congregation and support a number of ministries to the wider Harare community - to people in prison, to the unemployed, a men's ministry and a evangelistic outreach to rural areas of Zimbabwe.

Synod Meeting

The Synod of the Western Cape met early in May.